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Experienced DC Family Law Attorneys

At Antonoplos & Associates, our family law practice’s main focus is the needs of your family.   From representing clients in challenging times to assisting families with well-drafted prenuptial agreements, or even to growing your family through the adoption process, our team of family law attorneys and paralegal staff have a reputation of excellence in handling family law cases.  The team of family law attorneys at Antonoplos & Associates is uniquely prepared to help you achieve your family law goals.

DC Family Law Lawyers Ready To Help You

Antonoplos & Associates family law practice group focus on divorce, child custody, child support, and other family-law issues.  

We believe in the importance of a solid family and the institution of marriage. We know from experience that a successful marriage and family come as a result of time and hard work. In our legal practice, nothing is more rewarding for our team of family law lawyers than bringing children and parents together through the adoption process. Likewise, many of the challenges couples face in marriage can be overcome through the careful deliberative process of estate planning and prenuptial agreements.

In addition, our family law lawyers know that not every marriage can survive the turbulance life can throw at it. Separation, divorce, and child custody issues are often the most difficult and financially taxing legal cases we face. Whatever the legal issue you may be facing, the family law attorneys and paralegals of Antonoplos & Associates can assist family law clients through the entire legal process. 

DC Family Law Experience Matters

Our team of award-winning attorneys, paralegals, and experts is here to provide every case with the competent legal counsel it deserves. Every family law case is unique and requires not only an understanding of the DC family law but also compassion for the individuals involved and an openness to doing what it right.  At Antonoplos & Associates every family law client is treated like a member of our extended family.  No one works harder for your case than the family law attorneys and paralegals at Antonoplos & Associates.

At the core of family law are life-changing decisions individuals are often forced to make. At Antonoplos & Associates, we understand the personal crossroads our clients face when dealing with a divorce, custody disputes and other family law matters, contact our experienced District of Columbia Family law attorneys today.

Offering Customized Family Law Solutions

Our family law attorneys in Washington, D.C. never try to oversimplify the complexity of a situation by offering one-size-fits-all solutions. The types of cases we handle require more attention. Our legal team takes the time necessary to develop customized solutions for our clients dealing with complex family law matters such as:


Our divorce lawyers have extensive experience handling all types of divorces, including cases involving complex custody issues, the division of substantial assets and cases requiring extensive litigation.


Our attorneys are experienced at assisting unmarried parents with the establishment of parental rights and the establishment and modification of child custody and support decrees.

Child Support

The District of Columbia’s child support guidelines are particularly complex, because while defined in the statutes, they are applied differently based upon how custody is divided between parents. Our child support lawyers can help you pursue a fair and equitable child support determination.

Whether you want to move out of state with your child or you need help objecting to a relocation request, we will work to protect your parental rights. Relocation cases can cause emotions to run high. When the stakes are this high, experience matters most.

Prenuptial Agreements

Our attorneys help clients protect themselves through the drafting or negotiation of premarital, cohabitation and domestic partnership agreements. These agreements define what happens at divorce or death and are essential components of estate planning.


Child Custody/Modifications

Disputes over child custody issues can have major consequences for parents and their children. Our attorneys are especially effective at developing lasting solutions based on children’s best interest.

Alimony/ Spousal Support

In the District of Columbia, alimony is awarded on a case-by-case basis and is governed by complex applications of statutes and case law. Our firm can help you pursue alimony or seek to limit your spousal support obligations.

Asset Divisions and Property Settlements

  • Our attorneys have the experience to address all issues affecting the distribution of community property and debts in divorce. We have experience dealing with business and property valuations and defining which assets are separate versus community property.
  • Business and large marital estate division: Our firm frequently handles business valuations, complex estate planning and other issues affecting large marital estates.

District of Columbia Family Law Specialists FAQs

The outcome of a divorce can have lasting effects on you and your family for years to come, so it is natural to have a lot of questions if you are considering divorce or if you have been served with divorce papers. Below are answers to questions about Washington, D.C. family law that the attorneys at the Antonoplos & Associates frequently encounter as they handle divorce and other matters in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia. If you have other questions, or if you need to speak with an attorney about a pending divorce or other family law matter in Nevada, please call Antonoplos & Associates at 202-803-5676.

Do grandparents have a right to visitation with their grandchildren?

In general, parents have a fundamental right to decide how to raise their kids, which may include restricting access from grandparents. However, District of Columbia law recognizes certain times when grandparents may go to court to assert their right to visitation. These situations include where the grandparents’ child:

If a parent unreasonably restricts access to the grandchildren, the grandparents must meet a high standard in court to prove that visitation would be in the best interests of the children. The court considers many factors in making this determination.

What is required to make a valid prenuptial agreement?

First of all, the agreement must be in writing, and it must be signed by both parties before the marriage. Also, the agreement should only address valid subjects to be enforceable. For instance, a prenuptial agreement can address the division of property or payment of alimony in a divorce, or the drafting of a will or purchase of a life insurance policy, but it may not dictate any future terms of child custody or child support. In addition, the agreement must not be unconscionable, or blatantly unfair. An agreement is likely to be upheld as valid if it was entered into voluntarily, and if each spouse had a full and accurate picture of the other’s finances. Disclosure of assets and liabilities may not be required if one party waived the right to receive such a disclosure or could have reasonably known the other spouse’s financial situation even without a disclosure.

My spouse made all the money in our marriage. If we separate, how can I support myself before the divorce is final?

You can ask the judge for a temporary order of alimony or spousal support. This must be done through a motion to the court and should be expertly prepared and argued by your attorney, as your spouse may oppose your motion for temporary support. Any such award is only temporary and may not reflect any final alimony award when the divorce becomes final.

The judge can make other temporary orders while the divorce is pending as well, including temporary orders for child support, child custody and visitation, which spouse or parent is entitled to stay in the family home during the divorce, etc. If you need temporary orders in any of these areas, be sure to discuss this with your attorney, who will need to draft and file appropriate motions with the court.

The judge can also enter orders requiring the couple to maintain the status quo in relation to their finances while the divorce is pending, so that one spouse can’t close out a bank account or keep the other spouse from accessing joint funds.

Contact Our District of Columbia Family Lawyers Today

At Antonoplos & Associates, we treat every case with the care, personal attention that our family law clients deserve. We strive to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations every day. To discuss your case with our experienced District of Columbia family lawyers, call us at 202-803-5676.