DC Residential Real Estate Litigation Attorneys

 “When it comes time to go to court on your residential real estate case these guys are real pros.” Niko A.

Antonoplos & Associates’ Residential Real Estate Litigation Practice represents first time home buyers, home owners, real estate investors, real estate developers, homebuilders, contractors, architects, engineers, subcontractors, in matters involving Real Estate Litigation. Antonoplos & Associates routinely represents clients in Real Estate Litigation cases in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia.

Antonoplos & Associates Real Estate Litigation Practice focuses on cases involving breach of contract, fraud, misrepresentation, and civil REICO claims against defendants during and after the sales process.

Antonoplos & Associates Residential Real Estate Litigation Services

  • Flood Damage.
  • Property’s Foundation and Structure.
  • Claims involving improperly installed HVAC, Electrical & Plumbing Systems.
  • Construction Claims involving New Residential Homes.
  • Renovations to Older Residential Homes.
  • Commercial Construction Projects & Development.
  • Condominium & Cooperative Development Projects.
  • Suits by Condominium Association against Developers & Builders
  • General Contractors suits against Subs
  • Sub-Contractors suits against General Contractors