Franchise Compliance Framework

The foundation of any type of franchise compliance system is voluntary and required franchise agreements. Voluntary and required franchise agreements start with the facilitation of the right Franchise Disclosure Document.

Antonoplos and Associates attorneys will help build a virtual client portal that collects and keeps all signed trademarks, state registrations, franchise agreements, etc. Also, Antonoplos and Associates will personally make processes to sustain compliance, guarantee fair franchise agreements, and thoroughly look over legal contracts. The definition of a franchise system is contracts that pledge future cash flow. All the contracts involved in franchise systems are directly correlated with the strength and stability of each of those same contracts. If a major situation were to arise for your franchise, it would be too late to edit or fix your files. As such, you should make it a priority to edit and change these files and contracts now.

Franchise Compliance Process

At Antonoplos and Associates, we will cater to your needs so that you are receiving legal advice centered around your individual situation. One way we will do this, is to set up personalized email templates that carry out the job to properly handle and send the FDD to an officially arbitrated franchise agreement. When your franchise spans across multiple counties or states, you as the owner of your business are in a good position to increase your franchise’s potential value. Finally, Antonoplos and Associates would like to make it clear that if you are interested in a private equity investment, private equity investors will value your franchise appropriately if your system is based on outdated and sloppy contracts. For more information regarding franchise compliance, check out our blog, or schedule a consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.