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Trustee Services

Experienced Trust Administration and Litigation in DC, Maryland & Virginia

Trustee Services

Antonoplos & Associates team of estate planning attorneys has been administering trusts on behalf of clients for nearly two decades. By acting as trustee or successor trustee, our Antonoplos & Associates continues a long Washington, D.C. tradition of law firms who provide comprehensive legal services to Grantors and their heirs. To learn more about our history and our trustee services, Contact Peter D. Antonoplos at 202-803-5676 or

Antonoplos & Associates team of estate planning attorneys and fiduciaries have years of experience acting as trustees, making sure the provisions of a trust are carried out and defending the interests of the trusts we serve. We offer clients a level of attention that can develop only when there is a personal connection with our clients. Because of our long-standing relationships with our clients across practice areas, we can provide advice and counsel that frequently includes practical help.

We assist beneficiaries of special needs and spendthrift trusts, and try to assist these clients by paying bills, making appointments, and protecting them from creditors and others whose interest may last only as long as the money. Our role is greater than that required by our fiduciary duty. For many we are their family lawyer, and we take that role seriously.

Care, Experience, and Judgment

Our formal service as trustees includes holding and managing the assets of the trust and reporting regularly to the beneficiaries about the performance of the funds in our care.

To protect the trust assets and provide disinterested advice, we partner with top financial managers and banks to advise our clients.

These arrangements offer an unusual level of safety. However, we are also flexible, and happy to work with any custodian or investment advisor named by the client. In short, our services as a trustee are tailored to the client’s needs and desires.

Many of our clients name one of our attorneys or fiduciaries as a trustee when they are undertaking the estate planning process. Because they have experienced our thoroughness and attention to client needs during the setting up of a trust, they are perfectly comfortable having the same attorney act as a trustee. This provides a continuity of service and a knowledge of the client’s situation that can be the basis of a long lasting relationship, worth much more than the management fee to our client.