The purpose of alimony/spousal support is so that both spouses have similar incomes after a separation. For example, the spouse with the greater income contributes to the support of his or her former spouse. This is typically coupled with child support and the main goal is to ensure that neither spouse experiences a drastically different lifestyle after the divorce. There is no absolute right to alimony/spousal support, but the Court “may” order either party to pay alimony/spousal support to the party. The amount of the support awarded is determined by the court after full disclosure of the financial conditions of both parties is reviewed. Among the factors considered by courts in making this determination are the length of the marriage, the age of both parties, health and station of the parties, the occupation, amount and sources of their income (this includes property and investment holdings), and the estate and needs of the parties. The length of time alimony/spousal support is to be paid is left to the discretion of the court, and in some cases, courts may award lifetime support. With so many factors determining this process, hiring an attorney that has experience in alimony law can help you properly set up the materials necessary to get a desirable ruling on your case. Antonoplos & Associate’s family law practice has helped clients on both sides of a divorce work through their case quickly and attain a favorable outcome.

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