Retail Commercial Lease Negotiations

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When considering a retail commercial lease, it is imperative to have a real estate attorney to review the document to avoid headaches in the future. Here at Antonoplos and Associates, our experienced attorney have over 20 years of experience with retail commercial leases. The broker and franchisor will mainly be concerned with the price of rent and terms of the lease. However, it is the responsibility of the tenant to be aware of the finer terms of their commercial lease. In many cases, the tenant will be responsible for guaranteeing a portion of the future rent, which in commercial leases can be hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our legal team of real estate attorneys will make sure that you understand these details so that nothing in the retail commercial lease agreement will be a surprise to you.

The Details

In the retail business, the success of the business will often depend on the location. Once you select your location and are ready to sign the retail commercial lease, it would be wise to ensure that the fine details of the retail lease agreement are not a threat to the location. In many years of experience with negotiating leases, our real estate lawyers know exactly what to look for and will take the necessary steps to implement your business plan exactly how you envisioned it. Our real estate attorneys are aware of the terms of the contract that are crucial to the success of the tenant and also the terms that the landlord will be willing to give up. The retail commercial lease agreement can be one of the most important assets of your business. Retail commercial leases can often be complex and littered with highbrow words or phrases. The goal of our real estate lawyers is to convey any complex clauses in simple terms and negotiate a commercial lease that is friendly to the tenant.

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The Strategy

The first step is to review the language of the retail commercial lease and identify any issues or changes we will want to make. The first step is often the most important because the closer we get to signing the retail lease agreement the harder it is to make changes. The quicker the issues are brought up, the more leverage the tenant will have against the landlord. Once we identify the issues and change the retail lease agreement to our liking, the lease agreement will be presented to the landlord. Once presented, we will set up a meeting or a conference call to negotiate any of the terms that the landlord has an issue with. Lastly, our real estate lawyers will negotiate with the landlord’s attorney to discuss any remaining disagreements and prepare a ready-to-sign lease. We understand how crucial and time-sensitive this process can be for our clients, so our team works diligently to expedite this process while paying close attention to the details.