Experienced Family Law Mediation Attorneys

Divorce is very traumatic, even if it is amicable. Divorce litigation is emotionally painful and financially draining. In contentious matrimonial litigation, the proceedings may go on for years. Mediation is an alternative to court litigation, which involves confidential settlement discussions between the parties. This happens with the assistance of the impartial mediator, which allows divorcing spouses to resolve their differences with far less acrimony and expense. It is a cost-effective, time-efficient, and private way to find “real solutions for difficult problems.” Divorce mediation offers creative solutions that benefit both parties. It provides the opportunity to maintain a working relationship between spouses that might otherwise be destroyed by acrimonious, often lengthy, litigation.

Family Law Mediation allows you to save time and money

Antonoplos & Associates family law attorneys are successful divorce mediators who are skilled in keeping communication between the parties open and candid. The parties are guided to work together to achieve a settlement agreement that benefits both parties. Rather than a combative atmosphere, Antonoplos & Associates family law lawyers set a tone of respect, cooperation, and negotiation. Our team of family law attorneys rely on their expertise in divorce law and their negotiation skills to provide legal information and assist the parties in designing a resolution to their conflict that works best for both of them. A good mediation results in a fair settlement that is customized to the particular needs of the parties.

Family Law Mediation agreements that reflect the goals of the parties

Antonoplos & Associates mediators, steer the parties away from negative history and feelings and focuses them on the future. The parties are counseled to present their concerns and their needs going forward, rather than rehashing the past difficulties of their marriage. The parties are guided to remain focused on the cooperative mediation process, in order to identify and prioritize issues and to examine and develop options, until all the terms of a potential agreement are worked out. The goal of the mediator is to assist the parties in developing a mutually beneficial resolution – a “win-win” – that will likely strengthen their ability to cooperate in the future.

Our family law attorneys are able to draft a legal agreement incorporating the terms reached during the mediation process. Once signed, the document becomes a binding contract between the parties, the purpose of which is to become the terms of an Uncontested Divorce or Separation issued by the Court. Our family law lawyers can prepare all of the documents necessary to obtain an Uncontested Divorce or Separation.

Straight forward billing so you are in control of what Family Law Mediation costs

In mediation, one professional hour is billed for every hour of negotiation. The parties share the cost of the one professional hour, rather than paying for two independent attorneys as in the case of litigation. The parties are also free to retain the services of an “advisory” attorney, accountant and/or financial planner.

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