Making sure children of unmarried parents are afforded their rights to parenting time and support.

Children do best when they have two capable and interested parents in their lives.  If both parents want to be involved in the rearing of their children, they should be able to participate regardless of whether they were ever married to each other.  Regardless of gender or prior marital status both biological parents are assumed to be on equal footing when seeking parenting time with their children.

If parents are married, there is a presumption that children born during the marriage are the children of the married couple.  If the parents are not married at the time of birth, before a court can establish a custody award, paternity must be established.  If the parents do not acknowledge the father’s status, then a test is performed to prove it.  Once established, the father has all of the rights and privileges afforded any other parent.

Establishing paternity is particularly important for the child.  Not only will it provide the parents with their appropriate custodial rights, but it affords the child the right to economic and parental support.  While it used to be that mothers had a legal advantage going in, now the law provides that both parents have an equal right and obligation to raise their children.

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