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Experienced DC Family Law Attorneys

At Antonoplos & Associates, our family law practice’s main focus is the needs of your family.   From representing clients in challenging times to assisting families with well-drafted prenuptial agreements, or even to growing your family through the adoption process, our team of family law attorneys and paralegal staff have a reputation of excellence in handling family law cases.  The team of family law attorneys at Antonoplos & Associates is uniquely prepared to help you achieve your family law goals.

DC Family Law Lawyers Ready To Help You

Antonoplos & Associates family law practice group focus on divorce, child custody, child support, and other family-law issues.  

We believe in the importance of a solid family and the institution of marriage. We know from experience that a successful marriage and family come as a result of time and hard work. In our legal practice, nothing is more rewarding for our team of family law lawyers than bringing children and parents together through the adoption process. Likewise, many of the challenges couples face in marriage can be overcome through the careful deliberative process of estate planning and prenuptial agreements.

In addition, our family law lawyers know that not every marriage can survive the turbulance life can throw at it. Separation, divorce, and child custody issues are often the most difficult and financially taxing legal cases we face. Whatever the legal issue you may be facing, the family law attorneys and paralegals of Antonoplos & Associates can assist family law clients through the entire legal process. 


Our team of award-winning attorneys, paralegals, and experts is here to provide every case with the competent legal counsel it deserves. Every family law case is unique and requires not only an understanding of the DC family law but also compassion for the individuals involved and an openness to doing what it right.  At Antonoplos & Associates every family law client is treated like a member of our extended family.  No one works harder for your case than the family law attorneys and paralegals at Antonoplos & Associates.



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