Consumer Protection Lawyers

Consumer protection is everyone’s right. We all have a right to knowledge about the goods and the services that they are purchasing. But too often businesses try to manipulate the market by failing to disclose the whole truth about the products they sell, or the services they provide.

Antonoplos & Associates’ consumer protection lawyers don’t appreciate fraudsters and manipulators in the market. Its unfair to consumers and its unfair to those businesses which are doing things the right way. That’s why Antonoplos & Associates has a practice group dedicated to the field.

Antonoplos & Associates’ consumer protection lawyers are aware of the fraud and abuse that some companies engage in to the detriment of the consuming public. Our consumer protection attorneys’ objective is to right these wrongs, and to hold accountable the wrongdoers for them. Our consumer protection attorneys have experience with the DC Consumer Protection Act, the Maryland Consumer Protection Act, and other industry specific federal and state laws. The group strives to see that the market works fairly and honestly for consumers and lawful businesses in the same market space.

Our consumer protection lawyers engage in consumer protection litigation in a wide range of industries to prevent deceptive, unfair and unlawful practices of producers and sellers of consumer goods, including: