Business Valuation & Disputes

Business Valuation is one of the most important phases in the purchase, sale, or maintenance protocols in managing a small business. A mistake often made by business owners is relying on personal valuation figures of their businesses. Personal valuations tend to be skewed by emotional metaphysical attributes like “elbow grease” and “tender love and care.” The skilled Business & Corporate Law team at Antonoplos & Associates can help you navigate the delicate field of business valuation to achieve an optimal result.

Approaches To Business Valuation:

  • Asset Approach: Takes the market value of the assets and liabilities, can also take items such as goodwill into account. This is the most commonly used approach.
  • Market Approach: Compares a business to recent sale prices of similar companies in same or similar industries, locations and conditions (company size, etc.).
  • Income Approach: Relies on the potential income of the company. When using the Income Approach, the incomes and expenses need to be adjusted to reflect normal business expenditures. Excessive compensations such as luxury cars would be added back to the value of the company.

Why Business Valuations is relevant:

  • Purchase or Sale of a Business
  • Expansion, Financing and Investment
  • Shareholder Disputes, LLC Member Disputes, or Partnership Disputes
  • Windup, Dissolution and Liquidation

If you are involved in a situation, such as those listed above, where the valuation of a business is at issue, Antonoplos & Associates team of Business and Corporate Law attorneys are here to guide you through the many issues involved in Business Valuation.

While Business Valuation Disputes are often complicated and require a multidisciplinary approach,  Antonoplos & Associates Business & Corporate attorneys provide the sound legal judgment and advice our clients need in order to achieve their goals and objectives. For more information on business valuation disputes, schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys and check out our blog.