Drafting and Review of Real Estate Leases

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Drafting and Review of Real Estate Leases

District of Columbia Real Estate Lawyers Helping Clients With the Drafting and Review of Leases

A well-drafted lease for a residential property or commercial property can help protect you from costly legal problems. It’s a good idea to have a real estate attorney review or draft a lease, but it is of even greater benefit when that real estate attorney is intimately familiar with the local real estate market, DC real estate laws, as well as the common standards surrounding real estate matters in the District of Columbia.

Antonoplos & Associates has earned an excellent reputation for detailed analysis when it comes to the drafting and review of leases for both the residential and commercial properties. Attorneys throughout Washington, DC refer clients to us because they know we are familiar with the local DC real estate market, the DC real estate law and how to protect our client’s interests. If you have a leasing matter that requires this experience of an experienced DC real estate attorney, contact us today to schedule a free 30-minute consultation in our Washington, D.C., or Chevy Chase Maryland offices.

We Listen to Your Goals and Objectives

If you are a landlord and are thinking of leasing a commercial or residential property to a tenant, our first priority is to listen to your goals and objectives. Our real estate attorneys will draft the real estate lease based on this information and will also negotiate with prospective tenants and their attorneys on your behalf. If there is already an existing lease in place, we are also often called upon to review it and give our recommendations concerning changes, including drafting any riders or addendums which may be necessary. The lease survey service is extremely valuable to a landlord who may own more than one rental property in making sure that all of their leases function similarly.

We help you starting with a blank piece of paper and finishing with an executed original. Additionally, if problems arise during the lifetime of the lease, we are always available to help settle them via negotiation or litigation, if necessary.

We Represent You Over the Life of Your Lease

If you are a tenant, we review a proposed lease for you and make suggested changes, as well as drafting an addendum, if necessary, to protect your interests. Our lawyers negotiate terms with your prospective landlord and we represent you in any disputes that may arise during the lifetime of your tenancy, such as a  security deposit dispute.

Our founding attorney, Peter D. Antonoplos can advise you as to the tax implications and potential liabilities concerning any type of lease. He is also familiar with the housing market in the District of Columbia and his reputation in the community is based on his counsel of clients who have been more than satisfied with the work he and his team provide.

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