Washington DC Trust Administration

Trust Administration can be a difficult and sometimes overwhelming process for family members or loved ones who are designated trustees of a loved one’s trust. As the trustee, you are responsible for overseeing and distributing assets in the trust in an efficient and cost­-effective manner. This can be extremely difficult if you are unfamiliar with financial management and the sometimes complex trust administration process. For more than a decade, the lawyers of Antonoplos & Associates, have advised trustees in all aspects of trust administration, ensuring that our clients distribute trust assets correctly and efficiently while minimizing associated tax burdens.

Need Trust Administration Advice? We can help!

For grantors who want a neutral, impartial party to manage and distribute the assets held in a trust, we also serve as designated trustees. Our founding partner, Peter D. Antonoplos, is an experienced trust and estates attorney with an advanced degree in taxation law from the Georgetown University Law Center, the top tax law program in the country. His educational background and experience provide him with the legal knowledge and experience to effectively safeguard trust assets.