Shopping Mall Lease Dispute Lawyers

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Shopping malls or smaller retail spaces can be beneficial for both the landlords and tenants involved in this transaction. However, this type of property can lead to many disputes and poses unique challenges to both parties involved. At Antonoplos & Associates, we commonly assist clients with signage rights, pre-lease representations by landlords of mall traffic, and enforcing restrictions on competing businesses.

Those Affected by Shopping Mall Lease Disputes

Shopping mall leases often involve parties other than the landlord and tenant of the property. At Antonoplos & Associates, we advise and act for landlords, tenants, assignors, assignees, sub-lessors, sub-lessees, personal grantors, and others having an interest affected by or related to a shopping mall lease, such as business partners, franchisors, and joint venture parties.

Rent Abatement Issues

If a lease includes terms for rent abatement, disputes may still arise over conditions such as:

  • Repairs and maintenance that restrict visibility or access to the leased premises
  • Changes to parking and common areas
  • Failure to repair or maintain the leased premises or common areas
  • Breaches of rights to quiet enjoyment
  • Loss of anchor tenants and co-tenancy requirements
Franchise disputes and litigation

Common Issues with Shopping Mall Leases

Shopping mall lease disputes may include any of the following matters:

  • Rent Arrears and Defaults
  • Interpretation of Commercial Leases
  • Lease (or License) for Use of Space for Advertising or Signage
  • Non-Rent Payment Obligations
  • Permitted and Prohibited Use of Premises
  • Termination and Cancellation Disputes
  • Subleasing and subtenants
  • Tenant Improvements
  • Lease Renewal Disputes
  • Overholding
  • Enforcement, Eviction, Re-entry, and Relief from Forfeiture
  • Injunctions, Stays, and Other Equitable Relief

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