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In order to ensure that a property’s tax assessment is fair, it helps to have the advice and counsel of experienced attorneys. With almost two decades of experience in real property assessment tax appeals, Antonoplos & Associates Real Estate Tax Appeals Practice works with our clients to help ensure that they pay only their fair share of property taxes based on a fair assessment. We assist clients with the preparation of Income and Expense Reports and Requests for Waivers of Penalties for Failure to File an Income and Expense Form with the OTR.

As a full-service law firm, Antonoplos & Associates is also capable of meeting your other real estate needs. From teaming with appraisers, engineers, planners, and other professionals to obtaining site plan, subdivision, and variance approvals, from zoning issues to conveyances and leasing, and from real estate assessments to litigation, we help to ensure your goals are met.

Exceptional Advocates

We understand the nuances of the Tax Code and District of Columbia Real Estate Law and how it applies to each individual case. Our attorneys work closely with you to achieve the best possible outcome – whether it is a cost-effective settlement or taking the case to trial. While we are ready to go to court and litigate your cause if needed, we understand that costs are always an issue, and seek out alternative solutions as appropriate.

Leaders in the Real Estate Industry

Our wide-ranging representation of commercial, industrial, and residential taxpayers, aids our ability to give a distinct perspective on every case we handle. We see both sides of an issue – and that experience helps us guide our clients so they know what to expect at every turn.

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