Operating Agreements: LLC

A Limited Liability Company Operating Agreement (LLC operating agreement) is the agreement between the members of a LLC that governs the operation of the business. The Limited Liability Company (LLC) business structure was created to combine the best characteristics of both a general partnership and corporation. This agreement should specify the number of different issues including the voting right of the members of the LLC, how a meeting of the members of the LLC are called, as well as provisions for how those meetings are held. This is important as the owners of an LLC are called members. These members have a limited liability which mimics that of shareholders to a corporation. Aside from liability, the LLC is structured as a partnership. Another benefit of an LLC is that this business structure can have each partner be a part of the management process, or the company has a single manager. Two distinct characteristics of an LLC that separate it from a corporation is that there normally is not a board of directors and annual meetings and minutes are not required.

In addition, this document should provide a schedule of the contributions of capital to the limited liability company, how capital accounts should be maintained, and the allocation of profit and losses among the LLC members and how the managers will run the company. Further, the operating agreement should set out tax allocation among the members of the limited liability company. When properly used, an LLC can be the best business structure and offers almost no downside.

Further, this agreement should spell out the powers of the members, the managers, and the managing member if any. Likewise, the limited liability company operating agreement should spell out how the LLC records will be maintained and any management fees that the manager is entitled to. Finally, the operating agreement of the limited liability company should set out the process for the orderly dissolution and wind of the limited liability company. This type of business is perfect for new single business owners as it is cheap to start and does not require a lot of legal work. However, this agreement also does not provide much legal protection and as such, you should understand the operating agreements listed below.

District of Columbia Code Limited Liability Company Operating Agreement

State of Maryland Limited Liability Company Operating Agreement

Common Wealth of Virginia Limited Liability Company Operating Agreement

While business formation is static among different states, there may be different tax laws or small regulations between DC, Maryland, or Virginia. To avoid potential issues later on during your business’s life, contact Antonoplos & Associates to create your LLC properly.

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