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Shareholder Claims and Disputes

Disputes that lead to litigation—no matter the size of the business—will disrupt daily operations and functions of the company and if not dealt with fast, could have a long-term effect on the profitability and reputation of the company.

Inspectors and Investigators

In most cases, the courts will use the following tools to inspect and investigate businesses that breach their shareholder duties:

  • An order authorizing an inspector to enter any premises in which the court is satisfied there might be relevant information, and to examine anything and make copies of any document or record found on the premises
  • An order to investigate
  • Appointing or replacing an inspector
  • An order requiring any person to produce documents or records to the inspector
  • An order authorizing an inspector to conduct a hearing, administer oaths and examine any person under oath, and prescribing rules for the conduct of the hearing
  • Requiring any person to attend a hearing conducted by an inspector and to give evidence under oath
  • An order requiring the corporation to pay costs of the investigation
Franchise disclosure document

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Financial Disclosure

No matter what industry the publicly traded company is in, they must give shareholders at least a yearly accounting of finances and a document containing important business affairs. Furthermore, the company must have financial documents properly audited. If, however, the company does not already have an auditor, the shareholder or director confronting the company may appoint an auditor for the business. One characteristic that the company must meet is that their current or court-appointed auditor must be independent of the company, its directors and officers, and the company’s affiliates. Thus, if a shareholder feels that the auditor is involved with the company in any way, they can request that the court disqualify this person.

Examples of Derivative Action

Instances where a derivative action may be appropriate include:

  • Breach of fiduciary duty owed to the corporation
  • Loss of share value as a result of wrong to the corporation
  • Directors or officers misappropriating corporate assets
  • Breach of a contractual obligation owed to the corporation
  • Misconduct of directors of officer causing harm to the corporation
  • Fraud or theft committed against the corporation
  • A departing officer, director, or employee takes corporate date or clients

Examples of Shareholders Litigation

At Antonoplos & Associates, our DC shareholder dispute lawyers commonly advise clients on the following matter:

  • Non-Solicitation Agreement
  • Oppression Remedy
  • Misappropriation of Funds, Opportunities, or Trade Secrets
  • Non-Competition Agreement
  • Owners Disputes
  • Sale of Business Disputes
  • Preservation of Shareholder’s Rights
  • Personal Liability of Directors and Officers
  • Shareholders Agreement Disputes
  • Share Dilution Claims
  • Shareholder Claims
  • Share Subscription Agreement Disputes
  • Shareholders Claims Against Directors
  • Share Subscription Agreement
  • Tech Company Disputes
  • Shareholder Disputes
  • Winding-Up Company
  • Start-up Company Disputes
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duties
  • Abuse of Trust
  • Asset Sale Disputes
  • Breach of Shareholders’ Agreement
  • Business Asset Sale Dispute
  • Business Disputes
  • Breach of Director’s Duties
  • Breach of Share Subscription Agreement
  • Civil Fraud, Deceit, Fraudulent Misrepresentation
  • Claims by Shareholders
  • Closely Held Company Disputes
  • Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Corporate Mismanagement
  • Corporate Governance Issues
  • Shareholders’ Agreement Disputes
  • Disputes on Dissolution of Company
  • Disputes Arising from the Share Subscription Agreement
  • Enforcement of Shareholders’ Agreement
  • Director’s Liability and Officer’s Liability
  • Enforcement of Share Subscription Agreement
  • Fiduciary Duties
  • Family Business Disputes
  • Expulsion of Director or Officer
  • Fraud on Company
  • Investor Claims
  • Investment Fraud
  • Fraud on Investors
  • Financial Statement Irregularities and Disputes
  • Minority Shareholder Oppression
  • Disputes about Share Valuation
  • Corporate Disputes
  • Buy-Out Rights and Obligations
  • Business Litigation
  • Business Sale Disputes