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With over 20 years of experience, the DC manufacturers industry lawyers at Antonoplos & Associates routinely provide advice and representation to both manufacturers and distributors in a wide variety of industries.

Manufacturing and Industrial Sectors

Our attorneys advise and represent clients in many manufacturing industries including:

  • Auto Parts Manufacturing
  • Automotive Industry
  • Automated Machinery and Robotics
  • Building Materials
  • Canning and Bottling
  • Clean Tech
  • Computer Equipment and Electronic Equipment
  • Chemical Manufacturing and Supply
  • Concrete, Brick, Glass, Drywall, Lumber, and Stone
  • Confectionery
  • Financial Technology
  • Furniture Manufactures and Importers
  • Food and Beverage
  • Glass, Bottling, Packaging, and Containers
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning – HVAC
  • Interactive Digital Media
  • Lighting, Lighting Supplies, and Signage
  • Insulation and Environmental Solutions
  • Machinery, Heavy Machinery, and Hydraulics
  • Medical, Dental, Veterinarian Equipment
  • Plastics and Synthetics
  • Safety Equipment
  • Paper, Printing, and Packages
  • Scientific and Diagnostic Equipment and Supplies
  • Steel Industries
  • Wireless Telecommunications
  • Water Industries
  • Wood and Other Building Supplies

Commercial Disputes: Distribution and Sale of Goods

Commercial disputes concerning the distribution and sale of goods are almost inevitable. Thus, because our attorneys advise a wide variety of manufacturers, we work with companies across the United States concerning the buying or selling of goods, supply and outsourcing disputes, import-export issues, licensing, branding and brand protection, contract disputes, finance disputes, and lending litigation, machinery and equipment functionality disputes, and consequent business interruption, as well as the effects of strikes and other force majeure events.

Transportation and Logistics Disputes

At Antonoplos & Associates, our group of DC manufacturers industry lawyers has experience assisting clients with logistical issues including commercial shipping and transportation. Furthermore, we have worked with clients on cases concerning shipping by road, air, railway, or ship whether you are or will be the plaintiff or defendant.

Trademark and Brand Protection

For certain companies, how you brand a company will play a large part in the company’s success, especially in the consumer market space. In order to protect your brand, it is important to consult an attorney to help you register your trademarks and copyrights. Additionally, an attorney will represent you in the case that another entity breaches these protections.

Product Liability

Our manufacturer lawyers have advised and represented manufacturers, distributors, importers, exporters, sellers, wholesalers, and retailers in connection with losses alleged to have occurred from the use of products that are defective, by design, manufacture, shipment, intermediate alteration, or sale – or where there is a failure to warn or instruct issues.

Corporations, Partnerships, and Joint Venture Disputes

A joint venture agreement allows two or more businesses to merge their entities—or a portion of their products or services—to start a new business activity. Furthermore, each business contributes assets to the joint venture and the parties agree on how to divide the income and expenses that come from this partnership. In some cases, a joint venture is the structure chosen because the members of the agreement are located in different states or countries. While this agreement is contractual in nature, certain courts have held this agreement to mean the same thing as a partnership. However, other courts have considered the relationship merely contractual and not a partnership. A myriad of considerations has been used by the courts in determining whether a joint venture is a partnership. Furthermore, the courts consider the structure and management of a joint venture when considering whether this entity comprises a partnership.

Construction Disputes: Plant, Office, Factory, and Warehouse

Modern construction projects are complex as they require many different actors to work in unison to efficiently finish a project. Thus, when these interests conflict, litigation or a form of alternative dispute resolution may be necessary to resolve disputes. One must resolve these issues quickly or risk the viability of the project as a whole.

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