Business and economic torts make up a large portion of actionable and intentional conduct that causes purposeful economic harm to another party.

In certain cases, businesses, individuals, or their stakeholders may act wrongfully when attempting to advance their interests or harm competitors. However, wrongful intentional acts causing harm, loss, or damage to a business or that business stakeholders can give rise to common law business torts. Such activity, if unlawful under a given statute may provide the victim of these actions with statutory civil remedies, including a statutory civil cause of action or grounds for injunctive relief. Furthermore, some entities that commit these crimes will act alone while others will work in groups to further a company interest or bring down a competitor. These wrongful acts commonly include the use or destruction of real property, personal property, and intellectual property of a competitor and require a DC business tort attorney.

If one or multiple entities have been recognized for committing any of these unlawful actions, there are a few common legal remedies available to the negatively affected party. These remedies include but are not limited to lawsuits for harm, loss, and damage, and in certain cases, immediate injunctions or mandatory orders that prohibit the instigating party from committing further wrongful acts.

The common law business tort causes of action include:

  • Inducement of Breach of Contract
  • Interference with Economic Relations by Unlawful Means
  • Intentional Interference with Economic Interests
  • Conspiracy to Commit Wrongful Act Likely to Cause Harm
  • Conspiracy to Cause Harm
  • Passing Off (Common Law Infringement of Trademark)
  • Intimidation, Extortion, and Abuse of Process
  • Appropriation of Personality
  • Defamation and Slander of Title

Urgent Remedies

Certain actions that cause or will cause irreparable harm will often necessitate urgent remedies such as injunctions and mandatory orders. Finally, with over 20 years of experience, our group of DC business tort attorneys commonly advise, act for, and represent those seeking or responding to urgent equitable remedies. 


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