Business Transactions

Antonoplos & Associates team of business transactions attorneys are dedicated to representing the needs of Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, Small Business, C­-Corps, S­-Corps and B­-Corps, Startups, and Nonprofit organizations in the Washington, D.C. metro area.

Antonoplos & Associate’s business transactions practice assists clients in a wide range of matters affecting our client’s businesses. From organizational documents, preparation of commercial contracts, finance and capital structure, to mergers and acquisitions, executive compensation plans, and succession planning. We also serve as outside general counsel to family offices, family trusts, and closely­held businesses.

Below Are Ways We Can Assist Your Business:

“Founder, Internal Stakeholder, & Business Owner Agreements”

  • Shareholder Agreements & Business Succession Agreements
  • Buy­-Sell Agreements & Business Succession Agreements
  • Operating Agreements, Partnership Agreements, and Corporate Bylaws
  • Redemption Agreements, Sale Contracts, & Transfer of Equity Interests
  • Employment Agreements & Independent Contractor Agreements

“Corporate, Partnership, & LLC Formation & Governance”

  • Formation, Merger, and Dissolution of Corporations, Partnerships, & LLC’s
  • Corporate Bylaws, LLC Operating Agreements & Partnership Agreements
  • Formation of LLP’s, LP’s, Trusts and Special Purpose Entities

“Mergers & Acquisitions”

“Reg. D, Reg. A, Private Placements & Offering Documents”

  • Microfinance Transactions
  • Secured/Unsecured Borrowing and Lending Transactions
  • Venture Capital Transactions
  • Regulation D Finance and Private Placements
  • Offering Documents

“Government Contracting”

  • Bid Contests
  • Preference Matters
  • Federal, State, and Local Government Procurement Issues
  • FOIA Requests
  • Prime and Subcontractor Disputes

“Non­-Profit Sector”

  • Formation, Registration & Qualification
  • Charities, Churches, & Civic Groups
  • Human Resources Policies and Procedures
  • Corporate Governance and Compliance

“Real Estate”

  • Preparation Purchase and Sale Agreements
  • Due Diligence Review & Management
  • Commercial Leasing and Subleasing
  • Construction Litigation & Builder Disputes
  • Title Disputes
  • Equitable Subrogation Litigation
  • Tax Sale Litigation
  • Condominium and HOA Formation and Governance
  • Partition Actions
  • Construction Contracts
  • Mechanics’ Liens and Bond Claims

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