Tough Business Litigation Attorneys

At Antonoplos & Associates, our team of seasoned business litigation attorneys has successfully litigated and defended numerous cases at state and federal levels. As such, our litigation attorneys have vast experience in all phases and facets of litigation. Our business litigation attorneys also have substantial expertise in representing clients both in traditional judicial settings and in the various forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), including mediation and arbitration. Whether it is partnership litigation, shareholder litigation, or general commercial litigation, our attorneys have the experience and judgment to quickly settle business disputes.

Our attorneys have arbitrated cases under numerous arbitration institutes including the American Arbitration Association and the Center for Dispute Resolution to achieve favorable outcomes for our clients. Antonoplos & Associates attorneys have repeatedly demonstrated their ability to evaluate a case and quickly resolve it in the most cost-­efficient manner.

Large corporations, small businesses, executives and individuals turn to Antonoplos & Associates for representation in complex disputes that may result in litigation.

Our team of business and corporate litigators, tax attorneys, corporate lawyers, and transaction lawyers have extensive experience working with account executives, forensic auditors, CFOs, and business appraisers to address a myriad of issues that confront both small and large businesses. Finally, when there is no other choice but to file suit, Antonoplos & Associates Business and Corporate Litigation attorneys have the experience and judgment you need.

Antonoplos & Associates Business Litigation Services

  • Contract Disputes
  • Joint Venture Disputes
  • Corporate, Partnership & Limited Liability Company Shareholder Disputes
  • Fraud Cases
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty
  • Suits for Accounting and Access to Books & Records
  • Partnership Dissolution & Break­Ups
  • Management Dispute
  • Ownership Disputes
  • Real Estate Litigation
  • Vendor Agreements and Disputes
  • Corporate Governance & Control
  • Restrictive Covenants
  • Employment Litigation
  • Business Valuation Disputes

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