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From a legal standpoint, the definition of conspiracy under DC criminal law appears to be relatively clear-cut. It entails the formation of an agreement between two or more individuals to engage in unlawful activities, followed by the undertaking of at least one action to execute the devised plan. It is worth noting that completing the illegal act is not a requirement for a conviction of conspiracy. Nonetheless, comprehending and mounting a defense against the intricacies of conspiracy charges can be quite complex, underscoring the significance of engaging the services of a Washington DC conspiracy lawyer.

Requisite Proof

To secure a conviction for conspiracy, the government must provide evidence demonstrating, among other elements, the existence of an agreement between two or more individuals to commit a crime. This agreement does not necessarily need to be in writing; a mutual understanding among the involved parties suffices. Furthermore, it must be proven that the individuals had the intention to enter into the agreement. In essence, if a person comprehends the unlawful nature of the plan and willingly participates with the intent to advance the illegal objective of the conspiracy, it is sufficient for the charge.

In Washington DC, in addition to establishing the existence of an agreement, proof of an overt act carried out in furtherance of the conspiracy is also required. While there may be multiple individuals involved in the conspiracy, a single act performed by one member can qualify as an “overt act.” However, mere discussions about the plan do not meet the criteria for an overt act.

For instance, consider a scenario where two individuals conspire to smuggle firearms into DC. To acquire funds for purchasing the guns, one member goes to a bank and withdraws the required amount. This action may be deemed an overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy. It is irrelevant that the conspirators do not possess any guns at that point, have not necessarily violated any gun laws, or have not caused harm to anyone. Such an act can satisfy the “overt act” element of conspiracy.


In Washington DC, the punishment for a person convicted of conspiracy to commit a criminal offense is contingent upon the specific criminal offense involved. Upon conviction, the individual may face a maximum fine of $12,500 or imprisonment for up to 5 years. However, if the person is convicted of conspiracy to commit a criminal offense that carries a penalty of less than 5 years, the maximum penalty for the conspiracy charge cannot exceed the maximum penalty for the underlying offense itself.

In cases where the conspiracy relates to a crime of violence, the person convicted may be subject to a fine of up to $12,500 or the maximum fine prescribed for the specific violent offense, whichever is lesser. Additionally, the individual may face imprisonment for up to 15 years, depending on the maximum allowable imprisonment for the particular violent offense.

Possible Defense

A potential defense strategy that a lawyer in Washington DC may employ in response to a conspiracy charge is to argue that the accused individual withdrew from the conspiracy. However, establishing withdrawal can be challenging. Mere departure from the scene, for instance, is insufficient to demonstrate withdrawal. Instead, the person must take decisive actions to nullify any assistance or involvement they had initially provided to the conspiracy, and they must do so before the completion of the conspiracy becomes inevitable. For instance, an official withdrawal could be evidenced by the individual approaching the police to expose the remaining members of the group prior to the commission of the criminal act.

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