Certain types of employment such as bookkeeping, payroll staff, and officer positions are more prone to employment fraud. The reason for this is that these types of employees work with financial systems and private information. Thus, they can easily breach their fiduciary duties for their own personal benefit. In many cases, if an employee defies their fiduciary duty for their own benefit, they will have done so much damage—both financially and to the company’s reputation—that terminating the employee is not a harsh enough punishment. Instead, a company may need to pursue litigation, urgent injunctions, and other legal remedies in order to remedy the damage that the employee left behind. With over 20 years of experience, the DC employment fraud lawyers at Antonoplos & Associates have the experience and knowledge required to investigate, trace, freeze, and recover funds that a current or former employee stole or embezzled.

Furthermore, if an employee—no matter their title within the company—steals or embezzles company money, it is imperative to seek legal advice immediately to preserve your rights and better your chance of receiving proper compensation. If you delay seeking legal advice, you will give the fraudulent employee the opportunity to dissipate or transfer the stolen funds or even allow the harmful action to continue.

Employee Fraudulent Schemes

Fraudulent employment can occur at most levels of a company and will often never be detected. Furthermore, these schemes often occur from false accounting and the use of fake suppliers, contractors, or employees. Additionally, employees may try to steal or embezzle funds from a company through the use of false or forged documents and commonly comprise the following actions:

  • false invoices and purchase orders
  • check payee is a fictitious or non-existing person
  • forged documents, including invoices and bills of exchange
  • inflated or fictitious supplies, suppliers, contract, contractors, services, and employees
  • false and fraudulent cheques

While these are the most common causes of fraud, different businesses may have weak spots that a current or former employee will look to exploit.

Injunctions and Urgent Remedies for Fraud

As stated above, detecting these fraudulent schemes early is key to limiting their negative impact on your company. However, if you find that an employee has been committing fraudulent activity for a long period of time without your knowledge, then you must obtain legal advice from a DC employment fraud lawyer immediately. By doing so, you will increase the likelihood that the courts will grant you an injunction or other urgent remedy to stop the fraudster from stealing or embezzling any more of your funds as well as possibly freezing their personal assets so that you can recover monetary damages.