WP: Maryland Underpaid Thousands of State Employees

The Washington Post is reporting that the State of Maryland has admitted to underpaying as many as 13,000 state employees based on incorrect overtime calculations.

Budget and Management Secretary David R. Brinkley said the mistakes could affect up to 13,000 current employees — roughly one-quarter of the state’s public workforce — and an unknown number of former workers. The state could owe each of those individuals from $2 to $30 extra for each relevant pay period.

Many of the workers are police, hospital workers and corrections employees, whose jobs often require them to work nontraditional hours — between 5 p.m. and 8 a.m. Their extra pay was miscalculated by payroll workers at agencies across the government, officials said.

It appears that some of the state's most necessary workers were shortchanged precisely because they worked longer hours.  Maryland's Governor, Larry Hogan, is so far working with the unions and attempting to correct these defects.  But oftentimes what an employer thinks is a "fair correction" is merely a partial recoupment for the employee.  We'll continue to monitor and investigate this event due to obvious violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Maryland Wage and Hour Law and Maryland Wage Payment Collection Law.