What Documents Do You Need to Submit a Social Security Disability Claim

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What Documents Do You Need to Submit a Social Security Disability Claim

If your health prevents you from working, Antonoplos & Associates group of Social Security disability insurance attorneys are here to help understand what documents you need to submit to start a social security disability claim, submit your initial claim, and represent you in a hearing if necessary.

While our attorneys can help you throughout this process, it is extremely important that you provide all the necessary documentation so that your case can proceed smoothly. Additionally, you should prepare for some of the questions that the Social Security Administration may ask you. The reason for this is that if you need to provide additional materials or go to court for an appeal, you are sufficiently prepared. Below is a list of the documents that the Social Security Administration needs in order to process your initial claim.

Documents That You May Need to Provide

No matter what your situation is, when you apply for Social Security Disability Insurance, you will have to fill out and submit three specific documents. The first document is an Application, next you need to submit a Disability Report-Adult (SSA-3368), and finally, an Authorization to Disclose Information to the Social Security Administration (SS827). These are the basic materials that the Social Security Administration requires. However, below are additional documents that the Social Security Administration may ask you to submit in order to properly evaluate your case:

Necessary Documentation

  1. An original or certified copy of your birth certificate.
  2. If you were not born in the United State and instead are naturalized, you must submit original U.S. citizenship and naturalization papers.
  3. Your military discharge or separation papers if you served before 1968. For this document, copies will be sufficient.
  4. A copy of your W-2 or self-employment tax returns for the last year if you worked.
  5. Next, you must submit an Adult Disability Report. This document collects critical information about your specific illnesses, injuries or conditions, and your prior work history.
  6. A copy of your tax Schedule C and SE for the last year if you were self-employed.
  7. Award letters, pay stubs, settlement agreements or other proof of any workers’ compensation type benefit you received or are receiving. For each of these documents, copies are sufficient.
  8. Copies of any medical evidence regarding your impairment that you currently have in your possession. These documents include medical records, doctors’ reports, and recent test results.

You can mail each of these documents to the Social Security Administration. Additionally, you can bring these documents to a Social Security office near you. After the documents are reviewed, they will be returned to you. If you mail these documents, make sure to write your social security number on a piece of paper and include it in the envelope with the other documents. Please do not mail foreign birth records or Department of Homeland Security documents. The reason for this is because these documents are difficult to replace if lost. Instead, if you need to submit documents like these, bring them to a Social Security Administration office instead.

What Will the Social Security Administration Ask You

Below are some of the questions that the Social Security Administration will ask you before you apply for benefits. Additionally, they may ask you some of these questions if you appeal your initial application decision.

Potential Questions

  • Your name, gender, and Social Security number;
  • Your name at birth if different then your current name;
  • Date of birth and place of birth including the state or foreign country;
  • Whether you had a public or religious record of your birth before age 5;
  • Your United States citizenship status;
  • Whether you have or had anyone else file for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, Medicare, or Supplemental Security Income on your behalf;
  • Have you used any other Social Security number; 
  • Whether you were in the military before 1968. If so, you must list the dates of service and whether you have ever been eligible to receive a monthly benefit from a military or Federal civilian agency;
  • Whether you or your spouse have ever worked for the railroad industry;
  • Whether you have earned Social Security credits under another country’s Social Security system;
  • Have you qualified for or expect to receive a pension or annuity based on your own employment with the Federal government of the United States or one of its States or local subdivisions;
  • Whether you are currently married and, if so, your spouse’s name, date of birth (or age) and Social Security number (if known);

Additional Documentation may Include

  • The names, dates of birth (or age) and Social Security numbers (if known) of any former spouses;
  • The dates and places of each of your marriages and, for marriages that have ended, how and when they ended;
  • The names of any unmarried children under age 18, age 18-19 and in elementary or secondary school, or disabled before age 22;
  • Whether you have or had a child under age 3 living with you during a calendar year when you had no earnings;
  • Do you have a parent who was dependent on you for support when you became disabled;
  • Whether you had earnings in all years since 1978;
  • The name(s) of your employer(s) or information about your self-employment and the amount of your earnings for this year and last year;
  • Whether you received or expect to receive any money from an employer since the date you became unable to work;
  • Whether you have any unsatisfied felony or arrest warrants for escape from custody, flight to avoid prosecution or confinement, or flight-escape;
  • The date you became unable to work because of illnesses, injuries or conditions. Furthermore, list if you are still unable to work; and
  • Information about any workers’ compensation, black lung, and/or similar benefits you filed, or intend to file for.

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