Virginia Real Estate Contract

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Virginia Real Estate Contract

A Virginia real estate contract is a critical part of any real estate transaction.  A well written Virginia real estate contract should set forth the rights and obligations of the parties as well as provide the foundational elements of the transaction that are necessary for the parties to make settlement on the deal. A Virginia real estate attorney is a valuable resource when contemplating entering into a Virginia real estate contract. A Virginia real estate attorney can make sure that your real estate contract contains the correct contract provisions as well as make sure that you are protected.

A well written and thought out Virginia real estate purchase agreement should contain provisions to govern issues such issues as to title to the property, the sale price, how financing is obtained, the structure of the deed to the property, when and where closing will take place, construction timelines and/or proposed improvements to the property as well as provisions for items like certificates of occupancy and delivery timeframes. All of these provisions and others must be specified in the real estate agreement to avoid disputes and delays. Furthermore, if you draft and submit a contract that misses one of these provisions, yet you need them included, amending the contract is difficult. Sometimes amending these provisions are not even available. Likewise, a properly drafted real estate contract can help to avoid the cost of expensive litigation between the parties.

As a real estate lawyer in Virginia I work with clients to help them negotiate and finalize real estate contracts. I have represented clients with single and multi-family properties. Additionally, I work with commercial real estate and condominiums throughout Virginia. As such, I have the experience necessary to guide you through all your legal issues.

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