Selecting a Good Probate Lawyer

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Selecting a Good Probate Lawyer

At Antonoplos & Associates, we understand the demands of having to select a good probate lawyer when a loved one passes away.  We recognize that the passing of a close friend or loved one is a challenging time for you and we do our best to make probate administration as straight forward as possible. Having a good probate lawyer on your legal team can make the probate administration process must smoother and avoid costly mistakes.

Although District of Columbia probate administration takes at least six months to complete because of statutory requirements, delays caused by an inexperienced probate lawyers may add years to the process. Our firm has developed an outstanding reputation for fixing the costly mistakes of other firms that are not as experienced in probate administration process. Only an experienced probate lawyers can cut out costly delays and errors that could lead to unnecessarily prolonging the probate period.

We Regularly Assist Our Probate Clients With:

  • Preparation of District of Columbia Probate Petitions and Supporting Documents
  • Preparation of District of Columbia Petitions for Appointment of Personal Representative
  • Preparation of Final Estate Tax Returns
  • Preparation of Estate and Trust Income Tax Returns
  • Negotiation of Disputes Among Beneficiaries
  • Negotiation of Disputes Between Fiduciaries and Beneficiaries
  • Representation of the Estate if Tax Returns are Audited

Peter D. Antonoplos, Esq. is the founding partner at Antonoplos & Associates. Mr. Antonoplos’ legal practice focuses on estate planning and real estate law matters. Mr. Antonoplos is admitted to practice in the District of Columbia, New York, and Maryland. Mr. Antonoplos routinely lectures on real estate and probate law issues in Washington, DC and New York. Mr. Antonoplos lives in Northwest Washington, D.C. He is an avid chess player and motorcycle enthusiast. He may be reached at 202-803-5676 or You can also directly schedule a consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.