Religious Wills & Trusts (Christian, Islamic, Judaic, Hindu)

Drafting estate plans that respect your religious faith and views.

If you are interested in crafting a religious last will that comports with your religious views, the wills and trusts attorneys of Antonoplos & Associates are pleased to assist you. Antonoplos & Associates wills and trusts attorneys have experience drafting wills that are legally and religiously valid according to the world’s major faiths.

If our estate planning attorneys are unfamiliar with the religious tenants of your religion regarding the will and trust drafting, our estate planning practice can research the subject and obtain the necessary answers to prepare your estate plan.

Likewise, we routinely prepare living wills or medical directives that comport with your religious preferences.

Antonoplos & Associates' religious wills and trust attorneys pride themselves on taking the time to learn our clients' religious goals and objectives. Religious estate planning is something we focus on every day making sure that each client’s estate plan matches their religious needs. We are dedicated to making sure that our clients understand what every document does and what role it plays in their estate plan.

As estate planning professions we take the time to integrate our client’s goals and objectives into truly customized Wills and Trusts to meet your family’s estate planning needs. Every estate planning representation starts with an estate planning consultation where our attorneys learn our prospective client’s goals and objectives. Based on this estate planning discussion we then craft a custom-tailored estate plan to meet our client’s goals. It is a time-intensive process that we rely on to make sure that each client’s estate plan meets their wishes.