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Maryland Elder Law Lawyers

Creating an estate plan for yourself or your family members is one of the most important things you can do to ensure that your assets are protected and distributed in the event you pass away or become incapacitated. Without a properly completed estate plan, your assets will go through Maryland probate court. Not only is this process costly from associated legal fees, however, probate is also time-consuming. A probate court’s job is to gain information on how to distribute your assets. Furthermore, Maryland estate planning includes key documents that allow you to state your medical wishes in case you become incapacitated. This portion of the documents not only allows you to choose your care, however, it also takes the pressure off your family as they do not have to make life-altering. Our firm has many experienced Maryland lawyers providing elder law services to clients in DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

Maryland estate planning is a major practice area at Antonoplos & Associates. As such, we have the comprehensive knowledge necessary to efficiently execute each required document and can help you move past any potentially difficult legal issues. Not only do our attorneys have over 20 years of experience with Maryland elder law services, however, we also merge our estate planning with our tax and accounting expertise to give you high-quality services in a cost-effective effective manner.

Regarding elder law, many believe that the ideal solution is to put all money and assets in trusts. While many law firms may prescribe this plan, at Antonoplos & Associates, we give each client the individualized attention necessary. By doing so, other options may be explored that are more aligned with a family’s wishes.

Developing a Plan Suited to Fit Your Individualized Needs

Once our Maryland elder law attorneys understand your specific families situation, we can work closely to identify and define your long-term goals and objectives. Our elder law and estate planning services may include:

  • Customizing a living trust based on the wishes and needs of a family
  • Assisting with estate administration, including the asset protection and transfer and the completion and filing of any necessary documentation
  • Establishing guardianships for vulnerable adults
  • Handling litigation regarding established guardianships and/or representing parties in opposing or monitoring guardianship applications when applicable

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For more information regarding how Antonoplos & Associates can help your family with estate planning, contact us at 202-803-5676. You can also directly schedule a consultation with one of our Maryland lawyers providing elder law services.