What Kind of Things Can A District of Columbia Financial Power of Attorney Do?

With a well written District of Columbia financial power of attorney, your financial agent is typically authorized to manage your financial affairs, including power to buy and sell and lease real property, tangible personal property, stocks and bonds, to trade commodities, operation of a business or other entity and governance over your bank accounts and other financial products you may own and a host of other powers.

The choice of what powers your District of Columbia financial power of attorney has is yours. You can decide for your District of Columbia financial agent do as much, or as little, as you determine, depending upon what you provide in the District of Columbia financial power of attorney document. For example, you might grant your District of Columbia financial agent the authority to conduct all of your financial affairs. In addition, in other circumstances you might only authorize your financial agent to transaction your business for a single financial transaction (such as signing documents at a real estate closing). Typically, these limited powers of attorney specify that they only are valid for a single transaction or for a limited scope of time. Typically Financial Agent Powers Include:

  • Buy or sell real estate,
  • Enter into contracts and leases
  • Buy, sell or pledge stock, bond or other securities transactions
  • Banking and other financial institution transactions
  • Operation and maintenance of a business, entity or venture
  • Insurance and annuity and investment transactions
  • Estate, trust and other beneficiary transactions
  • Claims and litigation
  • Government benefits (such as Social Security, Medicare or unemployment compensation)
  • Retirement benefits
  • File taxes
  • Make gifts

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