Five Reasons to Speak with a Social Security Disability Attorney

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Five Reasons to Speak with a Social Security Disability Attorney

If you are suffering from an injury or illness that has made it impossible for you to work, you can apply for Social Security benefits. While the benefits many receive from Social Security are vital to their ability to keep their homes, feed their families, and pay for medical expenses, this process is both complex and lengthy. The most common way to avoid making mistakes with your application that extends the time until you receive benefits is to hire a Social Security disability attorney. Additionally, the Social Security Administration has published statistics showing that those who enlist a disability attorney are more likely to receive benefits than those who go through this process alone. A disability attorney can speak to the Social Security Administration on your behalf, help you find and attach all the necessary information to your application, and apply for benefits.

Whether you are suffering from an illness or injury that stops you from working, a disability attorney can help you receive benefits in five main ways.

5 Reasons to Speak with a Social Security Disability Lawyer

In general, a social security disability lawyer can help you before, during, and after your social security case. However, below are the main five reasons why you should speak to a social security disability lawyer.  

Receive a Preliminary Evaluation to Check if You Qualify for Benefits

If you sustain an injury while working, you may have difficulty judging whether your medical conditions will allow you to qualify for social security disability insurance. Thus, receiving advice from someone who specializes in social security benefits is essential. This is especially true if you are unsure whether you want to pursue government benefits.

Social An attorney will be able to assess your situation based upon how your disability will affect your work, your ability to find new work, and the severity of your condition. Additionally, a social security attorney will search through the “Blue Book”. The Blue Book lists all the disabilities recognized by the social security administration (SSA). You may be able to find your disability on the list easily. However, your exact disability does not have to be on the list to receive financial assistance. If this is your case, an attorney is invaluable as they will have to decide whether your injury has an equivalent in the blue book.

Get Help with Your Initial Social Security Application

If your injury allows you to pursue benefits, you fill out initial documentation that goes to the SSA. This application requires detailed information. For instance, your medical history, your current injury that is preventing you from working, and your current income are required. While seemingly straightforward, a social security attorney can help you quickly fill out this information. Additionally, they will ensure that you do not miss or misidentify important information that requires you to resubmit your application.

Update the SSA on Medical Records

With over 37 million Americans suffering from severe disabilities, the SSA focuses benefits on those that need it most. Thus, to ensure that you receive your benefits, it is important to continuously send documentation to the SSA. This documentation should show that you are still suffering from your disability and continue to require financial assistance. The amount of documentation that the SSA requires can be confusing and overwhelming. This is especially true if you are in serious pain or trying to recover from your injury.

Receive Legal Representation in Front of an Administrative Law Judge

In certain circumstances, the SSA will deny social security disability insurance applications. If this occurs, the person will have the option to request a social security disability hearing. A social security disability hearing is an informal meeting with an administrative law judge (ALJ). Furthermore, an ALJ will review your claims, ask you for additional information, and potentially overrule the initial decision. When appealing your social security ruling, an attorney is especially useful. The reason for this is that an attorney is familiar with the legal processes associated with this case. Additionally, an attorney understands the documentation necessary to overrule the decision. Finally, they can layout arguments meant to convince the ALJ that you should receive financial assistance.

No Payment Unless Your Win Your Case

Finally, a social security lawyer will not receive payment for their services unless they help you receive your benefits. This delayed payment system takes the pressure and the risk-off you. Additionally, you can receive quality legal assistance without the financial risk that could occur if you lost your case. Furthermore, this payment system ensures that your attorney will work hard and help you receive the benefits you need.

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