How To Handle Construction Defects

The time following closing should be a time of joy and happiness, unfortunately, for some, it is a time frustration and concern. The discovery of construction defects, environmental hazards, and problems with the property, which were concealed by the former owner, can transform what should be a positive experience into a negative one.

Instances of flooded basements, shoddy construction, improperly installed electrical systems, improperly installed plumbing systems, and HVAC can cost new homeowners thousands of dollars in repairs and impact their ability to live in their homes. Often fly by night developers will fail to pull permits from DCRA for renovations to the property. In addition, they will often fail to obtain a C of O for the property which can result in DCRA inspector condemning the property. Construction defect not only impact the value of the property but also can have a serious impact on the health and safety of people living in the home.

The attorneys of Antonoplos & Associates are highly experienced in representing first-time homebuyers and other residential real estate clients following closing when problems arise with construction defects. We routinely represent clients in litigation cases involving: Breach of Contract, Fraud, Misrepresentation, Construction Defects, Latent Defects, Warranty Claims, Environmental Claims, Builder Liability, and disputes over land rights and air rights. Our attorneys are highly experienced in representing residential real estate clients in breach of contract, boundary dispute, easement, eminent domain, and partition suits. For more information see Litigation and Dispute Resolution Practice Area. For more information see Practice Areas, Litigation & Dispute Resolution.