DC Real Estate License

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DC Real Estate License

With property values rising steadily throughout the DC area, it is important that you have someone on your side who understands DC property taxes, DC rentals, and issues with DC real estate licenses. Allow Antonoplos & Associates Attorneys at Law to put more than 20 years of complex real estate knowledge to work to help you with your DC residential real estate issues. Because our DC residential real estate lawyers are well-versed in some of the most complex residential real estate transactions and issues in the region, there is no residential real estate issue for which we are not prepared.

Our Attorneys Have Knowledge in All DC Residential Property Issues

DC Property Tax

DC property taxes are determined by dividing the value of a property by $100 and then multiplying that amount by the tax rate associated with the property. In DC, residential real estate is taxed $0.85 per every $100 of the property. So, if you have a home that is valued at $100,000, your yearly property taxes would equal $850. While this may seem like a straightforward conversion, legal issues occur if one feels that their property was unfairly assessed.

DC Rental Properties

There is also no residential real estate case too small or large for our lawyers. We have helped residential renters on a variety of cases. As such, our attorneys have the knowledge to assist any client with whatever possible issues may occur during the life of their rental. Furthermore, we can assist with all types of DC real estate rental issues, including:

  • Mold issues
  • Real estate agent issues
  • Drafting leases
  • Landlord-tenant disputes
  • Title inspection/transfer
  • Constructions/development
  • Rent control

DC Real Estate Licenses

For property owners, hiring a real estate professional that has a DC real estate license can be the most important decision you make when selling your home. These agent’s expertise will help you to make your property more attractive to buyers. Furthermore, they will be especially handy when negotiating the price of your home.

There are other benefits that come with hiring a real estate agency. The property owners will have someone with experience who must keep their best interests in mind. This allows sellers to avoid potentially receiving hurtful advice when looking to sell their property.

Realtors also commonly require prospective clients to sign this document for two key reasons:

  1. This agreement gives agents exclusive rights to sell a property. Thus, financially protected from clients who may enter or already have a contractual relationship with another agency or broker.
  2. Secondly, a real estate agency agreement will lay out the terms of service for each party, and most importantly defines what commission a broker or agency will receive upon the sale of their property. This provision helps to mitigate potential conflict between both parties as they agree upon the rate before the agreement is entered into.

Ensuring that you are working with a trusted real estate agency and have a valid real estate agreement in place is key. If you work with someone who does not have a valid real estate license you could easily experience fraud or sell or buy a home for significantly less or more than it is worth.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of your current priority or long-range goals, you will appreciate the swiftness, thoughtfulness, and cost efficiency with which our DC residential rental real estate lawyers meet your needs. Because of our experience, we are on a shortlist of the best DC real estate law firms by Expertise. Expertise uses more than 25 variables across five categories to rate DC law firms that focus on real estate issues. The law firms are collected and rated off of their proprietary scale. Expertise analyzes the results to create the list of best DC real estate attorneys.

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