DC Construction Attorneys

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DC Construction Attorneys

Antonoplos & Associates Washington DC construction attorneys represent construction company owners, contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, architects, and designers with a wide range of services before, during, and after a construction project. Our construction attorneys have over 20 years of knowledge and experience within the industry and are able to direct clients throughout the construction process so you can avoid litigation, alternative dispute resolution—such as mediation and arbitration—and other costly legal conflicts. However, in the event that you need assistance with construction litigation or general legal knowledge, our group of construction attorneys can help guide you through the process and advocate on your behalf.

Representing Clients with Complex Construction Disputes

Because of the experience the construction attorneys of Antonoplos & Associates possess, we are one of the only full-service construction law firms in the Washington DC area. Furthermore, our attorneys also have a deep understanding of real estate legal issues and as such, can truly assist you throughout the entirety of your construction project. Finally, our comprehensive knowledge of construction issues affecting your business includes:

  • Construction Litigation
  • Claims for equitable adjustments
  • Construction defect and delay litigation
  • Construction Defect Claims and Litigation
  • Flood Damage
  • Property’s Foundation and Structure
  • Claims Involving Improperly Installed HVAC, Electrical & Plumbing Systems
  • Commercial Construction Projects & Development
  • Condominium & Cooperative Development Projects
  • Suits by Condominium Association against Developers & Builders
  • General Contractors Suits Against Subs
  • Subcontractors Suits Against General Contractors
  • Negligent Site Investigation
  • Defective Designs or Plans
  • Building Code or Housing Code Violations
  • Express Warranty and Implied Warranty Claims
  • Sub-Standard Workmanship and Contractor Negligence
  • Violation of Industry Standards
  • Water Leakage or Damage
  • Defective Roofing, Flashing or Window Installation
  • Electrical and Mechanical Defects
  • Failure to Follow Plans and Specifications
  • Product and Material Defects and Failures
  • Manufacturing Defects in Buildings Components
  • Physical Damage to Buildings
  • Structural Damage or Errors
  • Loss of Use Damages
  • Economic Loss Rule
  • Fraud and Misrepresentation Claims
  • Insurance Claims and Coverage Issues
  • Contractor Licensing Issues
  • Restitution or Repayment of Amounts Paid to Unlicensed Contractors
  • Suspended or revoked contractor’s licenses

You will appreciate our DC construction attorneys’ more than 20 years of experience, virtual 24/7 availability, and the aggressive, quality representation we provide for your construction concerns.

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Finally, for more information on our DC construction attorneys, contact us at 202-803-5676. You can also directly schedule a consultation with one of our skilled attorneys. Additionally, for general information regarding construction law, check out our blog.