Antonoplos & Associates Wins Major Victory Over Local Developer

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Antonoplos & Associates Wins Major Victory Over Local Developer

Washington, DC – Antonoplos & Associates law partner, John Letteri, has won a significant victory in court against a prominent developer over construction defects in a townhouse the developer was renovating into condominium units.

The case, which was heard in Superior Court for the District of Columbia, centered around allegations that the developer had failed to properly address a number of construction defects in the townhouse, which had caused significant damage to the property and compromised the safety of its residents.

After hearing testimony from both sides and considering evidence presented during the trial, the jury found in favor of Mr. Letteri, awarding his client a substantial amount in damages in the amount of $430,000.00.

Speaking to the press after the verdict was announced, Mr. Letteri said he was “very pleased” with the outcome of the case. “I knew from the start that there were serious problems with the property, and I’m glad that the developer has been held accountable for the damage they caused,” he said.