Housing Violations

Consumers should have confidence in the homes that they purchase or rent. Fortunately, many state and local laws provide deceived real estate consumers with an opportunity to remedy deceptive real estate practices.

As a practice with attorneys dedicated to both real estate and consumer protection, Antonoplos & Associates is uniquely situated to advocate for victims of these unfair, and often unlawful, practices. Our team is devoted to ensuring that consumers obtain the type of legal representation they deserve when they are misled about the property they own or rent.

Our team has experience litigating rights under DC’s Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act, real estate consumer protection act claims, and simple breach of contract matters. We also are on the cutting edge of Section 8 housing renter’s rights because such tenants are frequently denied rights to hot water, clean and safe living quarters, and other basic needs.

Whether you own or rent your property, Antonoplos & Associates is dedicated to consumers’ rights in fair housing. If you have been subject to a violation of your rights in renting or owning real estate, Antonoplos & Associates can represent you.