Active Investigations

Antonoplos & Associates consumer protection practice maintains active investigations in the following consumer protection areas:

Nonfunctional Slack Fill

It is a violation of the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act to fail to reasonably fill a product when it is placed in an opaque container. Supplement manufacturers are engaged in an industry wide practice to market their products in deceptively large containers. The purpose is to confuse the consumer as to the value of the product’s contents. If you have purchased a product that contains significant empty space without adequate reason, and feel that you were deceived by the packaging of the container, A&A wants to hear from you.

Diminished Value Scams

If you’ve been in a car accident, and your own insurance company paid for repairs to your car, it most likely had to pay for the loss in the value of the car as caused by the accident. Your own contract demands that your insurance company negotiate this loss with you in good faith. Instead, insurance companies ignore this clause in their contracts, and routinely fail to alert you to it. A&A wants to hear from you if your own car insurance company failed to alert you to, and to pay you for the loss in the value of your car after an accident.

Forced Place Insurance

If you have a mortgage on your home, you may have been required by your bank to obtain insurance for it. And, if you did not, your bank may have offered to place insurance on it for you, and then pass along to you the cost of the premium. What may have happened without your knowledge was an unlawful kickback scheme between your bank and the insurance company. In this way, your bank and the insurance company that the bank purchased a policy from on your behalf, artificially inflated your premiums, costing you money to the profit of the fraudsters. If you have had insurance placed on your home by your bank, you may be the subject of a scam.