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Web Hosting Agreement Template

Web Hosting Agreement Template

Use our web hosting agreement template to create a formal document that outlines the responsibilities of the web host and client.

What to Know Before Using our Web Hosting Agreement Template

A reliable website is one of the most important pieces necessary to run a successful business. This template allows both the web hosting service and the client to enter into a contract. The purpose of the contract is that it officially states both parties’ duties during the length of the agreement.

The requirements and costs associated with hosting a website are different for each client. Thus, our web hosting contract provides you with a place to list all direct costs associated with each new contract. This variation allows you to quickly and easily prepare a new document for each client. Another benefit associated with this contract is that it allows you to be upfront about your pricing structure.

Aside from the cost, security is one of the largest concerns for both developers and businesses. Making sure that a domain will be able to protect the confidential company and consumer documents are essential. This web hosting agreement template ensures that you will be a trusted company that avoids costly lawsuits.

Furthermore, our template incorporates specific sections that look to protect both parties against any unforeseen circumstances that may take place during the agreement.  We offer a provision that allows both parties to cancel the agreement if the terms can no longer be held.

Use our web hosting contract to quickly create a contract that holds actors accountable by outlining the services to be completed by each party.

Web Hosting Agreement Template