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Storage Rental Agreement for Residential Use Template

Storage Rental Agreement for Residential Use Template

Our storage rental agreement for residential template allows you to quickly and efficiently prepare a rental agreement that sets out the terms for renting your storage unit.

What to Know Before Using our Storage Rental Agreement for Residential Use Template

A storage rental agreement is a key document when renting space. This contract states that the Lessee cannot use your storage facility for anything other than the storage of personal property. This clause aims to prevent tenants from using your space when they should rent a commercial facility. This can be common as personal storage is a cheaper option. Furthermore, this agreement also includes that the Lessee is obligated to maintain the storage unit in a clean, orderly, and safe condition. Storage typically reside next to one another. Thus, it is important that each tenant take care of their own property so as to not ruin others' belongings.

The damages portion of the storage unit lease agreement document is what makes it so useful. This characteristic keeps your property safe in case the lessee damages the property.

Send this document to your new tenant and have them fill out all possible details so you can check the document and begin renting your property immediately.

Storage Rental Agreement