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Source Code License Agreement Template

Source Code License Agreement Template

Use our source code license agreement template to document any and all software included in a transaction as well as the terms and price of the sale.

What to Know Before Using our Source Code License Agreement Template

Under this contract, the creator of the software continues to own the intellectual property attached to the code. The difference is that they allow licensees to use the code as is or in conjunction with their own products.

Understanding that the creator still owns the rights to the desired code is important. Even after licensing the software, the creator may have restrictions on the code’s use, modification, or distribution. When creating a software code license contract these restrictions should be clearly listed and defined to avoid potential confusion.

Another important note is that as you are licensing the software, you are doing so on an “as is” basis. This means that if the code doesn't work as you expected, you will still be required to pay the fees.

Businesses that are looking to combine the licensed code with another piece of software need to understand the Copywrite of the work. Ensure that you notate any copyright notices as well as when and where they should be placed within the software.

Finally, our contract incorporates a term and termination section. This section governs the conditions for the cancellation of this contract by either party.

Use our source code license agreement template to quickly and easily create a contract that allows you to begin using proprietary software to help your business today.

Source Code License Agreement