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Software Maintenance Agreement Template

Software Maintenance Agreement Template

Our software maintenance agreement template outlines the scope of the services, the terms related to those services, and additional conditions related to your contract.

What to Know Before Using our Software Maintenance Agreement Template

Technology continues to advance at a fast rate. Thus, it is important that the software your business can keep up with constant updates and new technology. Below are a few important things to know before signing this document.

The maintenance needed on your software may not all be known until the project is underway. To avoid issues, it is important that you receive upfront pricing from the company you contract to fix your software.  You will want to ask them for a price estimate on the project as well as their hourly rates before singing a software maintenance agreement. Understanding the hourly rates is necessary if the maintenance takes longer than predicted. Understanding the potential cost associated with fixing your software is important so that you can budget for possible expenses. Budgeting allows your website to grow and mitigate the chance that you will have a dysfunctional website that has different levels or types of software.

With pricing, you also want to ask what if any warranty is on the software updates or upgrades. This portion of the software maintenance agreement ensures that your applications can be fixed quickly with little to no cost.

Finally, you will want to discuss proprietary rights with the deal. This portion fo the document keeps your intellectual property is safe from harm or misuse.

Use our software maintenance contract to easily create a document detailing the services covered and the extent of the software updates and upgrades.

Software Maintenance Agreement