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Software Distribution Agreement Template

Software Distribution Agreement Template

Use our software distribution agreement template to create a contract that lays out the legal terms between a software owner and a software distributor.

What to Know Before Using our Software Distribution Agreement Template

With an increasingly competitive software market, software distributors can help your business sell product. This relationship allows you to have more time to focus on product development. While distributors can be a vital part of your businesses success, below are a few important pieces of a software distribution contract you should know about before partnering with another business:

  1. Ensuring that your company continues to have control of your software is one of the most important issues addressed in this document. Thus, restrict the company you are granting a license to distribute from passing that license on to any other organization.
  2. As you are selling proprietary software, you want to ensure that the company selling your work understands what it is. Thus, your company should provide training and support to the distributor’s sales team.
  3. Finally, are you are the creator of the software, you’re entitled to royalties for the software that your distributor sells. Ensure that you lay out exactly what royalty your business will receive from the sale of your software. Furthermore, decide what commission the distributer will get.

Use our software distribution agreement to quickly and easily hire a software distribution company.

Software Distribution Agreement