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Software Development Agreement Template

Software Development Agreement Template

Use our software development agreement template to easily create a contract where a developer agrees to create a certain software and then transfers the intellectual property rights attached to the software to the customer upon payment.

What to Know Before Using our Software Development Agreement Template

A master services agreement is another name for a software development agreement. This contract looks to create the terms on which a developer sells and transfers software to a client. For this agreement, the client will then incorporate the software into its products, services, or processes.

This contract strictly focuses on the development of software. Thus, our document incorporates a specific provision that focuses on the scope of the software that will be developed. This scope of work is located as an exhibit at the bottom of the document. There is an accompanying exhibit that lists the timeline for the completion of the software.

A tip before signing a software development agreement is that you should look to receive upfront pricing. However, if you need to change the scope of software or it takes longer to develop than originally anticipated, you will want to find out the companies hourly rates and extra fees. Understanding the potential cost associated with creating software is an important part of the project as you do not want to leave the project halfway finished or be in a situation where you are not able to maximize the software’s potential because of the cost.

Software Development Agreement