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Roommate Rental Agreement Template

Roommate Rental Agreement Template

Our roommate rental agreement template is designed to give residential tenants (roommates) the ability to spell out the terms of their shared lease for residential real estate. This template allows roommates to create an agreement between the parties which sets out the responsibilities. This document can detail each roommate's responsibilities or just layout basic expectations.

What to Know Before Using our Roommate Rental Agreement Template

A roommate rental agreement is a great way to give yourself added security—financially and socially—before you look to add someone to your current lease or living situation. Below are a few examples that showcase why a roommate agreement is must:

  1. Roommate agreements allow you to make the party who breaches the lease, pay the financial costs associated with doing so. This is useful as a breach of a lease often allows the landlord to go after either person for damages.
  2. As everyone has different living expectations, this agreement also allows you to list what responsibilities each party will have to keep your house or apartment clean and livable (e.g. clean bathroom, clean kitchen, vacuum). Furthermore, you can bullet out general rules regarding small issues such as visitors, parties, or pets.
  3. Finally, this document protects both parties against the other lying and making false representations prior to entering the lease. This portion of the lease is key as it acts like a catchall. The document prevents your roommate from partaking in any acts that may be detrimental to your property.

Having a roommate agreement gives you peace of mind as well as sets written boundaries and expectations for both parties.  Finally, having a written document laying out your agreement will be crucial if you are ever required to take your roommate to court.

Use our roommate rental agreement template to quickly and easily create a contract between yourself and your roommate today.

Roommate Rental Agreement