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Residential Landlord-Tenant Lease Agreement Template

Residential Landlord-tenant Agreement Template

Our residential landlord-tenant lease agreement template allows a landlord and tenant to enter into an agreement for a rental property.

What to Know Before Using our Landlord-tenant Agreement Template

A landlord-tenant lease agreement focuses on the terms that a tenant will abide by while residing at or using the landlord's property.

This agreement encompasses many aspects of the landlord-tenant relationship. However, some of the most important include rent, pets, or types of furniture allowed on the premise. The agreement can even go as far as to restrict activities allowed at the property.

The amount of rent due and what date it is due by is one of the most important provisions. To avoid confusion, make sure that you lay out this information in the landlord-tenant agreement. This includes sections committed to laying out fees if the rent is late. It can also encompass the rent payment during stretches where the property will be considered uninhabitable.

Pets act as the main companion for many people, yet certain types of pets bring undesirable financial risk to landlords. Thus, describe what types and how many pets can be on the property in the landlord-tenant agreement.  Some types of furniture also pose a financial risk so it should be included in the agreement whether the tenant is allowed to have a waterbed or grill on the property. In both cases, you can charge extra rent or require an additional security deposit to offset some of these costs.

Finally, under some circumstances, you as a Landlord can have legal liability for criminal conduct on the premises. This rule applies even if you didn’t directly cause the actions.  Thus, it is important to be aware of, and take action to stop, any illegal conduct occurring on your property.

Use our residential landlord-tenant lease agreement to inform your tenant of the rules and guidelines that come with staying at your rental property.

Residential Landlord Tenant Agreement