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Rental Invoice Template

Rental Invoice Template

Our Rental Invoice template will allow you to issue your residential or commercial tenant an invoice for their monthly rent and additional charges.

What to Know Before Using our Rental Invoice Template

A rental invoice is a valuable tool for residential or commercial landlords. This document allows them to quickly mark who has been given there invoice and who still owes their monthly charges.

Our rental invoice offers specific space for additional monthly costs. This is a great option for residential landlords who have properties that employ common areas for tenants. Specifically listing what charges are on the rent can help tenants utilize shared spaces. Another benefit to this is that tenants stop questioning why their monthly charges are higher than they expected.

Another benefit associated with using this document is that it reminds tenants when their rent is due each month. Furthermore, it gives them an estimate of how much is due so that they do not pay the wrong amount. As mentioned above, this document is a perfect chance to show tenants exactly what they are being charged.

As good property management begins and ends with superb documentation, use our rental invoice template to keep track of all your tenants rent payments.

If you are currently looking to bring new tenants into your building you can check out our employment and salary verification template and if you are looking to have a tenant stay in your home or apartment, look for our room rental agreement.

Rental Invoice