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Real Estate Power of Attorney Template

Real Estate Power of Attorney Template

If you are looking for someone to partake in property deals for you, our real estate power of attorney template can help. Our template gives others permission to close property deals while you are not present.

What You Should Know Before Using our Real Estate Power of Attorney Template

A real estate power of attorney template allows you to choose someone to engage in real estate deals for you. Once signed, this document allows someone to buy or sell real estate for you even if you are not present.

For this document, the person granting the power of attorney is the principal. The person who is given the power to act as a legal representative is the agent or attorney-in-fact. The person who is granted power of attorney does not have to be a real estate agent or attorney. Anyone you choose can represent you in these matters.

How To Modify our Template

Purchasing property is an important event which is why most real estate powers of attorney are limited. This is also commonly referred to as specific or special. To protect your interests, our form also restricts the powers granted to only one piece of property. Another point to understand is you can change who can act as your real estate power of attorney. The same applies if you would like to totally remove these abilities. You are able to take away these powers anytime with our revocation of power of attorney form.

Our template ensures that you are giving your real estate power of attorney exactly the powers you want. To do this, you should fine-tune the authority granted by editing the template. If you only want your limited power of attorney to sell a piece of property then delete "OPTION 2". If you instead only want them to buy a property, just remove "OPTION 1".

In order for your power of attorney to be legally approved, you will need a witness (notary public). Banks, post offices, and county clerk offices have a notary public's that you can have act as your witness.

Limited Real Estate Power of Attorney