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Real Estate Offer Template

Real Estate Offer Template

If you have interest in a piece of real estate, then take action and use our real estate offer template to quickly make the seller of the property an offer.

What You Should Know Before Using Our Real Estate Offer Template

This document focuses on buyers who are making an initial offer to the seller.  If the seller has already verbally agreed to sell you the property, you can download our real estate purchase contract.

We created this document so that it can be utilized by buyers of commercial and residential real estate. Furthermore, this document is perfect if you are in the market for both kinds of real estate. Using this template is a quick and easy way to make sellers of real property offers.

In the legal world, the person making an offer to purchase real estate is the "Offeror" and the person who takes offers for their property is known as the "Offeree". This language allows one to swap the word "Buyer" with "Offeror" and the word "Seller" with "Offeree". By understanding the normal words for technical legal terms, one will be saved a lot of confusion and time.

Use our real estate offer template to quickly and easily create a document that engages the seller of real property. Our document allows you to let them know that you are serious about buying their property.

If you have already made the initial offer to a seller yet they requested changes that you did not agree with, check out our real estate counteroffer document.

Real Estate Offer