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Quit Claim Deed Template

Quit Claim Deed Template

If you are looking to transfer the ownership of a property, our quit claim deed template will help you do so quickly.

What You Should Know Before Using Our Quit Claim Deed Template

Once signed, a quit claim deed allows the owner (grantor) to transfer any ownership rights that he or she may have on a property to another person (grantee). The owner essentially states that they are giving up any stake that they have in the property and transferring it to the grantee.

While the grantor may transfer any of their ownership in a property, there may be other stakeholders who continue to control their portion of the real estate. Thus, as a grantee, if someone signs over there ownership rights to you, it doesn't necessarily mean you own the property or have the ability to sell it. For example, if the grantor doesn't own a large stake in a property or if there are multiple co-owners, the stake you are receiving could be a small portion of the total property. For a guaranteed total transfer of the real estate, look for a General Warranty Deed form.

A quit claim deed form is especially useful for divorcing couples where one spouse agrees to sign away all their ownership claims on a property and transfer them to another party. In cases like these, one half of the couple does become the sole owner of the property.

Quit claim deed forms also work well if you have a cloud on title. In this scenario, you do not know if someone some sort of stake in a property, but to be safe you ask the person to sign this deed so that they will not be able to stake a claim in the property at a later date.

Quit Claim Deed