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Pet Boarding Agreement Template

Pet Boarding Agreement Template

Use our pet boarding agreement template to quickly and easily create a contract between your business and pet owners who wish to have their pets stay at your facility.

What to Know Before Using our Pet Boarding Agreement Template

A pet boarding agreement is a straightforward document, however, it does hold a few very important pieces of information. Our document protects both the pet owner and your facility. Our standard terms and conditions cover both parties against any unforeseen circumstances that may arise during pet boarding.

First off, your agreement should begin by having the pet owner state all their contact information. If there was ever an emergency, they could quickly and easily be reached.

After you collect the owner’s information, you should receive the pet’s basic information. This includes the type of pet, size, and weight, and finally any medical conditions. The most important part of this document is that it lays out that your facility will not hold pets that are not up to date on common shots.

Only accepting pet boarding agreement applications for pets that have all their shots is extremely important. Not only does this restriction protect other pets that are staying at your facility, thus preventing any loss of credibility or downturn of business, however, this provision also protects the employees that you count on to run your facility. As the business owner, you cannot take care of each pet alone, thus, it is imperative that you protect your staff and keep them happy.

Use our pet boarding agreement to start safely renting out your facility today.

Pet Boarding Agreement